iPhone6 The stronger phone ..the weaker price!!

iPhone6 will be soon available ..while they collect the informations about the disappointing iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, other companies claimed the high-tech war revolution and made big steps improving especially the Batteries and supporting more LTE Bands!

The iPhone 6 employs a super powerful A8 processor¬†with 64-bit support and also a revolutionary M8 “Mc” (Motion Coprocessor) Chip ..a reinvented iSight Camera so say Goodbye to the classical 8 Megapixel cameras that apple used to produce in it’s precedent models ..we don’t know yet how many megapixels we will get but this will be a strength and a big step making peace with the customers and especially the iPhoneographers!!

The new iPhone6 provides you quality and more security ..Apple has been trying to correct the fingerprint reader but developing it ..but no worries ..our developers will be posting all you need to How to Upgrade to iOS8 and more such how to unlock it if you’re an international buyer and how to get rid of all security complications and best advice ..keep an Eye on FindiPhone.com

The Apple company through the new iPhone6 answers directly to all the rumors that doubted its security in the previous both versions iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, so it’s not only for manual users but also on internet making it harder to hack compare to the other Android or Windows phones.

We will be back with precise leaked details and exclusive pictures never posted online before ..FindiPhone6.com fans keep your heads up you landed on the right place!

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