Facebook : New Security and Design Process on iPhone6

One Downloaded on the iOs 8 Facebook will look way different this time cause it’s more responsive to the new Apple’s iOs improvement ..this time custumers will not need only fingerprints ,EyeScan or voice recognition to access only the iPhone6 but The Facebook too!

This time Facebook users will not be embarrassed or upset typing their passwords in front of someone or a friend, once the options are chosen and saved in the iOs people won’t be needing too much to prove their accounts nor to have recognition problems .

Apple users can connect their iPhones6 to their laptops or Pcs using Bluetooth, Wifi or usb cable to access their Facebook accounts ..but is that enough to stop hackers especially if your computer is not secured? are there ways to sniff all the saved Data for recognition such encryptions of The EyeScan, FingerPrint or EyeScan?

The Answer is Absolutely the same as when you had to log in facebook using your password, if you’re secured by code generator or code text message or call from facebook.

The new process is allowing Apple’s users to have multiple choices about how to log in Facebook and it is respecting more life’s privacy, giving to the customers better comfort and getting more trust.

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