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Monday, December 16, 2013

Apple iWatch : Between rumors and reality a blurry iPhone6

Apple iwatch

Since the development of mobile devices, communication equipment suppliers are competing for their equipment is transferred to the user's life more closely portable devices. Hope to get more business in terms of growth and market share. Rumors about Apple iWatch and managed to Pebble are good examples . However , this name is different from device "Smile" smart watches positioning , which is already a smartphone equipped sports of PDAs, games, social networks and news channels function.

All I can think , do not think acting is rubbed in it. Smile SmartWatch has a fantastic industrial design, I had only seen in movies of this equipment , the employer is expected to put in versatile products and practices both internally and externally, to achieve a breakthrough in the field of consumer electronics .

Second, apparently , either to make smart watches appearance was cool, there is a sense of ingenious design, conduct of the trend value of personal computers, is also an important factor in whether to allow the acceptance on the consumer market. Bloomberg Business Week believes in technology that Samsung products in the past, the design, I did not have the consistency of their aesthetic achievements , the future Samsung Smart Watch is apparently to attract consumers to buy, we still have to view .

Bloomberg Business Week (Bloomberg Businessweek ) indicated that , in addition to foreign reports , Samsung will launch calls, e -mail and Internet access and other gear characteristics of the galaxy , many small family businesses already launched the first smart watches and other products, such as the launch of new projects Pebble Kickstarter . However, if the manufacturer of the brand of class technology such as Samsung is launching products smart watches but also show the market for smart watches will trigger a new wave of competition in the industry after the first line .

Theme product design , Smiling SmartWatch for both screens (dual screen) components . People use it as a larger area of the bracelet, the product is the prototype testing using a flexible screen Ituri . When the first version of C or monochrome screen , which has been replaced by a color OLED display.

When you need to activate the phone, the user simply raised his arms above will be followed by a screen lights up. When the wrist of the user was presented , following a screen lights up. SmartWatch outer edge using aluminum shell outer shell using a German company Schott special glass ( family S crystal glass then send Valentine Oh ), the waterproof and shockproof body.

Flexible source , California screens, this was explained as a four-year effort to co -founder Nick Koloskov :

" We had to use two flexible screens manufacturers, who are ready to become the first to eat crab market marketing partner for our commitment to the company , the delivery will be completed before the end of the year ( n ' the clock is not started at the beginning of the name) . "

Smiling and not as Pebble products in the configuration screen is comparable to the iPhone screen , the width of each side of the screen can display three sides of the iPhone 4S side on icon .According to Bloomberg (Bloomberg ) recently reported that Samsung Electronics will launch the first offer came smart watches society as smartphones, names Galaxy Speed ​​2 September 4 products , another manufacturer of mobile devices Apple (Apple iphone6) have also reported watches develop intelligent products ( SmartWatch ) watches brand manufacturers smart as wars break out, but if you manage to chip sales of watches in the general field of consumer electronics , or for exploring the nature of the contract products requesting side .

Therefore , Bloomberg BusinessWeek smart watches to consider whether these products will lead the future of a new wave of technology industry caused the explosion in sales. First on the visibility of the product and the current market, but consumers are still on the market today do not feel the need for a smart watch , but you can not ignore is that Samsung and the strength of the marketing of apple products to the influence of corridor especially the iPhone6.

In 2012 alone , for example, ads Samsung spent $ 4 billion , Apple spent $ 1 billion , but with Samsung, as well as advertising costs in 2012, there are still marketing costs and promotion are not included , if a portion of total advertising expenditure , the amount reached 11 billion dollars scale , which can be seen Samsung and Apple in the marketing of a product on the market is unknown , can show marketing efforts .

Although using a large marketing budget, the possibility of increasing the success of Smart Market Watch these products, but the average consumer to make smart watches really feel there is a demand , perhaps , in addition to their market value , function and appearance of the product itself is developed .

Functionally, if Samsung and other manufacturer brand smart watch that can go beyond the characteristics of the current smartphones with new features , such as Nike sports brand launch hardware giant has launched mobile gymnastics as Fuelband , with the self - monitoring these new features not yet seen on the market , which are made possible by large marketing budgets invested outside to see if one of the success factors of market sales .

Sunday, December 15, 2013

iPhone6 Concept leaked and puts rumors on fire again!

iphone6 concept

The new iPhone6

The concept of the new iPhone6 then what is the difference? Apparently, you will notice that it seems that the iPhone 5 edges of the wrapped phone screen. Personal sense , but in terms of usability in a real device might not be as easy elegant looks, but that's just my own user experience lawyer.

With a few months ago and unveiled a redesigned iMac iOS7 come , we can take a look at the tip of the iceberg of this new autumn range of Apple products. While many designers design the new iOS angry, in fact, I am also , some designers have begun to adopt and push it to a new height . I mean, they adopted the new design and improved iOS . Anyway , this is not all, he also created the design of the iPhone6, so that the whole concept of the design to go further.

These can be seen in the following examples , some designers of this part of the space little social media button , other than just a fancy background interface extends upwardly . This border is very nice, even if the space uncomfortable thin difficult aspect to add more useful features.

We look forward to what Apple will be displayed at the conference in September, as was the designers created prototypes that they expect to see. The iPhone 6 is part of the concept . Anyway , these special models penalty

In short, I think they are beautiful interface design , to include the new Apple style design to create a stunning look. Have a happy and rich color, font and the new iPhone6 interface experience interesting thin.

Friday, December 13, 2013

iPhone6 an iPhone 5s definition !!

iphone6 iphone 5 definition

Even with the recent launch of the iPhone and iPhone 5S 5C there is no reason for anyone to take your existing iPhone 5. Unlike previous models of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 is compatible with all iOS 7 , so it is an ideal candidate for upgrading . iOS 7 introduces new features like AirDrop , a new voice for Siri and additional filters for integrated management of the camera, and the iPhone 5 is presented for each of them.

In fact , it is almost identical to the last iPhone 5C , except that it has a metal housing , which is 5C in polycarbonate plastic , and the battery is a little smaller . The only other difference is that the iPhone 5 is available in models 16, 32 and 64 GB, while iPhone 5C only offered in 16 and 32GB configurations. Regarding sales go , the iPhone 5 is mixed on the market instead of going for a walk with the least expensive to produce 5C enter the slot market " device on last year, " the iPhone 5 will to leave.

So for all practical purposes , the iPhone 5 will change by itself as iPhone 5C. It is this simple fact proves that there is no reason to delay the onset iOS 7 on the iPhone 5. The operating system was designed around it.

When it comes to IOS 7 starts right on the screen . Introduced in 1136 by 640 capacitive multi-touch screen found in all iPhones since resolution. The four-inch screen is not only larger than the previous iPhones, but also has a 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio instead of 4:3 found in all previous Apple devices. This is a great advantage when it comes to iOS 7, because not only will be the new look for the iPhone in the future ratio, but that the operating system is designed .

The only new features are missing that do not have the hardware to support it, which means that those that are unique to the iPhone 5S . In practical terms, this means that the iPhone 5 does not support the fingerprint reader, the camera mode , slow motion, or image stabilization burst , but is compatible with everything else.

Unless you are the type that updates every time Apple launches a new iPhone , there 's really no reason for any owner of the iPhone 5 to upgrade everything beyond their operating system. Anyone with an iPhone should look more to update at least one iPhone 5 just to get the larger screen and access to all the features of iOS 7 .

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Apple Concept sinking the market with rumors!

While the smartphone market continued its incredible increase , the iPhone6 ready backstage at Apple to get us the big game in 2013 , before spring .
Wildest rumors about him on the web, here's a small sample ...Users have the choice of eight colors. This proposal will definitely attractive younger delights, pleasing accessories fun and fashionable.

iphone6 concept

The rumor of an iPhone6 th largest 5/5C/5S the iPhone restarts. A Chinese website indicates that the tests are carried out on a 4.9 inch screen . The actual height of the Cupertino company is still far from the 6.44 inch Sony ...

iPhone6 small or iphone6 bigger?

The contact is still ongoing , and therefore various controls are on the side of the terminal . You can change the volume , interact with the media player ( the previous track, next track, pause, play, etc.) and even add a few tools such as flashlight , alarm clock , calculator or application dedicated to photography and video.

But there is still something to consider on the iphone6 : the accuracy of such tests. The advantage of physical buttons is that the sensitivity in the fingers and not the case of contact, or even sensitive buttons . In other words, a device of this type would be very difficult to handle or fit the palm.

Even before the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C , persistent rumors suggest larger screen for the iPhone6 . Some of Cupertino Asian subcontractors indiscretions fantasies every international geek community feed . One last rumor started by CTech of China indicates that 4.9 inch screens hypothetically iPhone6 is currently under evaluation by Apple . This information is obviously to take all (really all) precautions.

No later than last week , we mentioned another rumor of China, supported this time by Bloomberg. The economic news agency said Apple could not uncover one, but two iPhone6 in 2014 , with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. If the figures published by the two sources are contradictory (although 4.7 and 4.9 inches are very close ), an emerging trend : the next iPhone6 has a very good chance to be together.

Even 4.7-inch or 0.7 -inch difference 5S, the next model would be greater evolution of Apple in the mobile phone. That would be the end of some modes, in particular, Apple, in particular in relation to the hilt. And maybe a little more flexibility trough market demands plebiscite larger screens.

Finally , let's rather the idea. As you can see , the iPhone6 has exactly the same lines as the iPhone 5s and even some of its features. I think touch reader identification or dual LED flash. The screen size is the same, but beware of appearances, since it covers the left edge of the device ( the line is not visible), it appears to be an Htc one development, another way to give a Chinese style of art of imitation that unveils the beauty of apple4s next device the iphone6

Apple GoPro by Mac pro and iPhone6

Apple is famous for the quality of its products, but each successive launch of new performance workstations was plagued with some problems. For starters, a complete configuration of Mac Pro still four USB ports. This is definitely a problem, especially in workstation applications on a high degree of connectivity is in constant demand. Of course , the transfer rate is very fast Thunderbird , but the Pro is limited by the relatively small number of 1 / o In addition, this team does not have an optical drive, probably to push the cloud and based on several traditional flash optical solutions.


What if you need optical media ? It seems that using an external hard drive, which can actually increase the total product cost. This brings us to the last point of contention : the price. Apple is pretty quiet in the new Mac Pro in terms of price , but judging by previous versions can expect their possible configurations of between $ 2700 and $ 4000 . It is expensive, even for a workstation , but the device performance promise exchange game. The Pro is scheduled for autumn this year , which will allow a deeper analysis of the system . Until then, we'll have to wait for the grand opening.

However, the German distributor Conrad Electronic has started taking pre -orders configurations for two shares in the new Mac Pro , citing the availability of Monday 16 December.
Rumors from earlier this month , the Pro Release Mac could land on December 16 , after a third French chain offered pre -orders for the Mac Pro and Apple Blog Twitter that the delivery of the Mac Pro will held on 18 December.

 Apple also ranked first for purchases of tablets and streaming TV Parks Associates says .
It's too early to say if the popularity of Apple 's new Mac will breathe new life into PC sales , if the company takes advantage of the other side of the industry change because it also sells the most popular tablet the world .

Many industry observers believe that the newly available screen is a sign that the launch of the latest Mac Pro is imminent. According to the website of Apple , the new Mac Pro can provide " up to three - . 4K ​​resolution displays " However , Apple Thunderbolt Display itself only has a screen of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is less than 4K the new Mac Pro is capable of supporting .
As promised, the new Mac Pro is designed and assembled in the United States. Mac Pro section of today's interview with a video showing the new machine production in U.S. factories ended Schiller . We have our own video for you right after the break go eye on the new Mac Pro again at WWDC 2013.

Apple have multiple configurations and built to order options for the next generation of Mac Pro Quad including 6 , 8 or 12 -core designs . The basic model includes a processor quad-core Xeon 3.7GHz , 12GB of DRAM memory , dual graphics FirePro D300 , 2GB VRAM each, and 256GB SSD $ 2999 , and Apple will also sell a configuration $ 3999 with 3.5 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5 processor , 16 GB DDR3 ECC memory (configurable up to 32GB) and dual AMD FirePro D500 3GB GDDR5 VRAM each.

Apple Mac Pro last runs assembly lines in the U.S. and in the hands of consumers in December for $ 3,000. The base model has a quad -core Xeon CPU 3.7GHz ( " Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.9 GHz" ), 12 GB of DRAM two D300 AMD FirePro GPU and 256GB SSD . Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller announced at an event this morning at the Cupertino company . California campus , where he came into some more details about the next cylindrical computer.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Apple tactics : would the iphone6 be launched before its rumored release date?

Apple Moves!!
According to Cantor Fitzgerald, the iPhone maker was waiting for the Chinese government to issue 4G licenses. China Mobile and its smaller rivals were awarded 4G licenses  on Wednesday. It's probably a 50-50 shot that the iPhone 6 will come with 3-D sensing technology. Whether it's too late to integrate a real 3-D experience into the next iPhone remains to be seen.

   yet we’re already seeing reports about the iPhone 6 and we expect the iPhone 6 to be the top-level iPhone and as such two additional rumors claim the iPhone 6 display will measure 5 inches, and one of the sources claims the iPhone 6 resolution will be 1920 x 1080 .

iOS 8 would be a perfect fit for the iPhone 6, the iOS 8 concept will also allow 5 apps to stack up for fast unlock and more options within the Control Center, as the iPhone 6 will have a new A8 20 nm processor we could see two new iPhones launched in 2014 iPhone 6 also claims dramatically more interest  The home button could become capacitive rather than fully physical the iPhone 6 rolls around with its new M7X, the motion co-processor will be even more power efficient and be able to offload more tasks from the A7X  The sensor developments are potentially more interesting to those who find the current screen size of the iPhone adequate   what’s coming in the  iPhone 6 ?  Apple's iPhone joining the ranks of bigger-screened devices definitely makes sense since all the smartphones around in the global market did.

 Apple will have A8 processors next year and this could line up with an iPhone Air and an iPhone mini or simply an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6c, to be later called iphablet.
The Wall Street Journal  claimed  in July  that Apple has been toying with larger screen sizes on its best selling devices, an 4.7-inch iPhone 6 arriving in late 2014 Supplier now building 12.9-inch Apple iPad displays for early 2014 launch but one thing is sure : Apple will need to continue to enhance its camera technology in order to remain competitive.
 Apple has been working on a deal with China Mobile for the past few years, The new Apple handsets are still in development and plans haven’t been completed, the iPhone 6's display is said to be a larger panel than any previous iPhone and of course, curved glass screens set for release late next year,   iPhone 5 was especially denounced by the cognoscenti for not being innovative,   Apple Can Sell 17M iPhones to China Mobile in 2014   Apple's earnings should receive a greater than 5% boost.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

iphone 6 price Rumored or just about the iphone 5!!

Apple is always very discreet about upcoming projects , and generally not give any details until they are fully ready . However, there will always be rumors and leaks curious bloggers and industry watchers . This article reviews some of the more interesting rumors about the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S, because it will likely be called.)

First, the presentation of the iPhone 5S will probably be late September or early October this year . The reasoning behind this is that Apple has announced that its upcoming operating system iOS7 will be published in the autumn. Therefore , it is likely they will send a product that matches this version. As for prices , analysts believe the iPhone 5S costs in a price range similar to the iPhone 5.

It is very likely that the iPhone 5S will be outside almost identical to the iPhone 5. This is something that Apple has always done with previous models in the range, and it is unlikely that things will change for 5S . However, with the beautiful retina display and front wide, it is unlikely that Apple fans complain short term.

Internally, the iPhone 5S is almost certain to be a completely different story . The iPhone 5S is reportedly a new chip A7 processor, rather than a modified version of the A6 chip for iPhone 5 is received. It is also expected that the battery will receive an update on the iPhone 5 , which increases the life between charges. In addition , it is expected to use the iPhone 5S big.LITTLE ARM architecture , which allows the processor to know when the phone does not need a lot of power to change the core of low power when needed .

An interesting feature that can see the light with the iPhone 5S is something called "smart bezel ". It is a secondary screen that surrounds the main screen. This secondary screen can be used to provide contextual controls that light up as needed . An interesting idea , it could mean that the transition between the different profiles, such as "game" or "work" could change the appearance of the iPhone itself .

Finally, something analysts are almost certain is that the iPhone 5S will upgrade the camera is considerable. Recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 5S will have a 12 megapixel sensor , improved 8 megapixel iPhone 5. To ensure that the unit still works well in low light , faster opening of the lens and flash light are likely additions.