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Apple iPhone6 will consider the $100 price you will buy it? | iPhone6

Since entering Houqiaobusi era, Apple iPhone6  have taken place in many ways no small change . However, today we want to talk about change for consumers is not a good thing on . Analyst ... Continue Reading →
iPhone6 concept

Apple iPhone6 concept map | iPhone6 concept

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek U.S. investment bank (Peter Misek) said Monday that Apple Inc. ( hereinafter referred to as “Apple” ) is in talks with mobile operators , hoping ... Continue Reading →
features iPhone6

new features iPhone6 ​​conducted a survey

Recently JD Power for consumers expect new features iPhone6 ​​conducted a survey , showing the user the most anticipated feature is the seamless mind control (36% ) , built-in sensors ... Continue Reading →
iPhone6 broke

iPhone6 broke the news almost every day came

iPhone6 broke the news almost every day came , the disclosure of the aircraft after the sale date in Deutsche Telekom , the message from the Japanese media has revealed that Apple iPhone6 ... Continue Reading →

iOS7 BUG : Skip past the lockscreen in just a few seconds!!

iOS7 BUG Apple Security’s broken! After that NBC news has contacted Apple, they got this answer : “Apple takes user security very seriously. We are aware of this issue, ... Continue Reading →
iOS7 iphone6

iOS7 iphone6 : The lesson that Apple learned from Samsung!

iOS7 iphone6 what really happened !  The lock screen idea brought from the android 4.0 icecream sandwich Wallpaper animated come from windows vista called dreamscene in 2006  but ... Continue Reading →
facebook iphone6

Facebook : New Security and Design Process on iPhone6

One Downloaded on the iOs 8 Facebook will look way different this time cause it’s more responsive to the new Apple’s iOs improvement ..this time custumers will not need ... Continue Reading →
3D Printing

3D Printing compatible with the iPhone6

The amazing iPhone6 comes with the 3D imaging camera, the structure censor has been integrated into the new iPhone6 turning the page on the traditional occipital bracket that had to ... Continue Reading →
A8 Chip

iPhone6 : The A8 Chip?

After Apple’s first experience with the 64-bit through the iPhone 5s, Apple is now introducing the A8 chip providing the fastest CPU and Graphics performers ever seen on smartphones. The ... Continue Reading →
Wireless and iPhone6

LTE Wireless and iPhone6 : The Super Power that is breaking records | Wireless and iPhone6

LTE Wireless More than 13 LTE Bands ..the New iPhone6 is up to more but this time breaking more records and reigning on the head of best smartphone models in the whole world! This ... Continue Reading →